Rocky and Janna

Online Rider Fitness and Technique Classes

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With social distancing making it harder for many people to ride or take lessons, I am offering online classes to help riders stay in shape -- or maybe even get in better shape! Classes focus on stretching, strengthening, and technique, so that riders can improve their ability to move with poise and balance on horseback, while also developing greater independent control of their hands, seat, and legs. Since I typically offer unmounted fitness clinics in the spring, I thought why not take it online when we need this now more than ever!

As a Grand Prix dressage trainer, my work is particularly dependent on this kind of fitness, but it can benefit riders of any discipline. Classical dressage emphasizes developing a strong seat and position, and I have been able to cross reference this with my experiences in dance, pilates, karate, and physical therapy to develop specific sets of unmounted exercises that can help riders become more effective.

These video classes are held over Zoom, but all you need is a link and a code from me to join the class on your computer, tablet, or phone. If you have a webcam and would like me to see you, just click the "start video" button. The Zoom meeting will be open 10 minutes prior to class for people to check in and say hi, and there will be time afterward for discussion. Recordings of the classes will also be available for those who can't join live or want a future reference.

Tips for getting the most out of your experience:

  • find space where you can move around comfortably
  • pre-check your video to ensure you can see and be seen when on the floor
  • you may want a yoga mat or rug for some of the exercises
  • having a folding chair or something similar may also be helpful
  • do the exercises at your own pace - I will demonstrate different levels of intensity, so find what is right for you

Participants can pay $10 per class, or $30 for a month of classes. Classes are currently planned for Saturdays at 11:00am, and I will add more if there's a lot of interest. Payments are made online through my Sospiri website, and you will be sent a link and a code to join the class/es. People registering for the month will also have access to video recordings of the Saturday classes beginning the following day.

Register here!

Please contact Janna for more information.