Janna and Godiva

Dressage Lessons

Lessons are available as part of training packages for those stabling at my primary training facility, Goodwin Stables, located in Hastings, MN, or as individual sessions for students at other barns. I am available regularly for lessons at a number of stables around the Twin Cities metro, and can be booked at other facilities as well. Riders may also trailer in to facilities where I am working. I do not maintain any school horses; however, privately owned horses may occasionally be available to lease or use for a fee.

Learn more about my methods by reading articles I have written about dressage!

Lessons focus on the classical principles of riding: developing the correct seat and position for effective delivery of the aids, learning how to ride in harmony with the horse's natural movements, and applying aids clearly and correctly for the appropriate dressage figures and movements. In accordance with practices at the Spanish Riding School, I highly recommend lessons on the lunge-line, not just for beginning students, but also for more advanced students seeking to strengthen their seat and position.

Students are under no pressure to show, but support is available for those who wish to do so. I have coached students at Training Level through Prix St. George and helped students towards USDF bronze and silver medals.

For those interested in improving their horses' abilities in dressage as well, I recommend a combination of lessons and training. Horses need a consistent and correct training program to attain the physical and mental requirements necessary to progress up the levels. I can often better help to facilitate this process by working on both sides of the human/equine equation.

If you have further questions or are interested in viewing a lesson or training session, please contact me for my weekly schedule and locations.