Janna and Godiva Tempi Changes


An enthusiastic clinician, Janna has been invited to give clinics from coast to coast in the US, as well as internationally, and is also a regular guest at facilities around the Twin Cities. Bringing a classically informed approach, as well as a wealth of experience, Janna is able to target particular issues for each horse and rider team that help lead them to a more successful partnership. Auditors consistently remark on what a big difference they are able to see in both horses and riders over the course of their rides.

Booking Information

Local clinics (Twin Cities metro area) may be booked for half or full days, while regional and national clinics must generally be booked for full days. Individual sessions are recommended to last 45 minutes, but may be broken into different lengths at the discretion of the clinic organizer. Half days are considered to be equivalent to four 45' sessions or three hours of teaching, while full days start at six 45' sesssions or four and a half hours of teaching. The daily maximum is nine 45' sessions or seven hours of teaching. Rates are calculated at $75 per 45' session or $100 per hour. Flights, lodging, or driving over 30 miles from St. Paul - Minneapolis city limits are additional costs to be covered by the clinic organizer. Please contact Janna for more information.

Topical Clinics

While some riders may benefit most from a basic lesson format in the clinic (i.e. isolating some of the key problem a horse and rider pair may be experiencing and focusing on these), others may have a specific goal they wish the clinic to address. Topical clinics may include a lecture on the theoretical background to a particular issue, as well as demonstration of the applicable techniques, and possibly even unmounted work. Here are some suggestions for possible clinic topics:

  • developing a 'classical seat'
  • strengthening and suppling exercises for riders
  • schooling particular dressage movements
  • ground training young or problem horses
  • ride-a-test schooling to prepare for shows
  • lunge line lessons for strength, suppleness, and balance
  • correcting one-sidedness in horses and riders
  • training piaffe in hand