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    Represented by Janna in the Saint Paul - Minneapolis metro area of Minnesota

Sales Services:

  • Representation on Commission
  • Sales by Consignment
  • Buyer's Agent Services
  • Buying Trips throughout MN, the USA, and Europe
  • Evaluations for Prospective Buyers or Sellers

Matching horses with appropriate owners is an important part of Janna's work in both sales and purchasing. No matter which side she is representing, the horse always comes first. The best way to ensure the long-term well-being of our equine friends is to help them find well-suited owners. Janna is dedicated to making sure there is honesty and transparency in the sales process, so that the needs of the horse are best served.

Janna represents select dressage horses for sale in the Twin Cities -- contact Janna to find out about upcoming prospects.

Sellers who are interested in having Janna represent their horse for sale should also use the contact form for more information. Commission and consignment arrangements are available, depending on the situation.

Janna regularly assists prospective horse buyers in national and international searches. Specializing in warmbloods, PRE horses (Spanish or Andalusian horses), Lusitanos, and Lipizzaners, Janna has connections across the US and Europe that can help her in locating specific types of horses in all price ranges.

Finding the right horse for a dressage mount can be a daunting prospect, and having an experienced eye involved in that process can help avert many problems down the road. For those interested in importing, Janna makes periodic trips to Europe, and is happy to act as a liaison or guide for buyers seeking horses overseas, particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain.

Trying a Lusitano mare on a recent buying trip to Spain!

Janna and Idealista