Essays and Publications

Musicological Publications:

  • Private Leaves, Public Lives: The Gilman Ordway Manuscript Collection. St. Paul: The Schubert Club, 2002.

Musicological Essays:

  • "Sympathy and Synesthesia: Song in Romantic Narratives," 2003.
  • "'A Parody, a Parody, a Most Ingenious Parody . . .': Gilbert & Sullivan Parody in American Popular Culture," 2003
  • "Queens of Jouissance: Coloratura and Female Subjectivity in the Enlightenment," 2002.
  • "Frauenfeinde und -fabeln: Performing the Rhetoric of Gender in Schumann's Frauenliebe und - leben," 2001
  • "Airs and Ares: Equestrian Ballet in Seventeenth-Century Court Spectacle," 2001
  • "Vereinheitlichung des Schumann Liederkreises, Op. 39," 2000.
  • "Miriam Gideon: American Composer and Jewish Feminist," 2000.
  • "Music, Language, and Society in Wittgenstein's Private Language Argument," 1999.
  • "Die Entführung and the Other in Viennese Cultural Politics," 1999.
  • "Keyboard Instruments and Female Accomplishments in the Eighteenth Century," 1999.