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Recommended Readings

The following works are books that I commonly recommend to my dressage students. By hovering over a link, information about the book from amazon.com will appear, and clicking on the link will take you to their site. Support Janna Kysilko Dressage by purchasing through this page!

Classical Dressage

The works by Podhajsky and Oliveira are two of the modern classics on dressage training - Podhajsky's being more practical and Oliveira's more philosophical. Loch's book gives more of an overview of classical dressage theory and history.

The German School

The German school of dressage has been highly successful in this century, and it's principles are best layed out in the following works.

Riding and the Body

Much focus is given to the training of the horse, but these works concentrate on training the rider's body so that it can stay in maximum harmony and communication with the horse.

Current Events

Keeping in touch with what other people are doing and thinking about in the dressage world is one way to stay engaged with the discipline, and Dressage Today is one of the few periodicals completely focused on dressage.